J A M E S  B R Y A N T


rose_, 2020
untitled (Kiss of Death), untitled (Kiss of Life), 2019
Gestures of inconsequence "A Royal Exchange" 1, 2019
Saudade, 2019
untitled (Rupture #1), 2018
untitled (Rupture #2), 2018
untitled (Transplant: Act I, Act II, Act III), 2018
Into the Horizonoftheinfinite.NET, 2018
Vanishing Point A and Vanishing Point B, 2017
An Allegory with Venus and Time, 2017
Unspecified Duration, 2017
untitled (you will never let me go), 2017
journal-jpg.net, 2016
Holdenhurst road billboard installation, 2003
John's house, Westbourne, 2002